5 Reasons for Botox

1. You are the ideal candidate for Botox!

How can I be so sure that Botox is right for you? Because it’s a solid choice for just about everyone. It has been tested, tried and adored the world over, for more than 20 years. If you want to experience a peaceful looking, smoother face, you should consider Botox. When injected by a skillful professional, Botox is minimally painful (barely worth mentioning), and highly effective. Sure, it can be over-done, but so can margaritas or high fashion shoes. Don’t let another’s poor judgment keep you from something you’ll really enjoy.

2. THE beauty secret!

If you’re on the fence about Botox, let me reassure you that you are not alone. Botox is the fastest growing non-surgical beauty procedure in the world. Your neighbor’s grandma’s cat’s babysitter has Botox. You just don’t know it because it’s so subtle and well, magical. If you know a beautiful mature woman who always seems to have a pleasant look about her, whose expressions shine because they aren’t hiding behind deep haggard ridges in her brow… the chances are very good that she has had a touch of Botox. It’s her secret, and it can be yours too.

3. You will LOVE it!

There’s something about a manicure, or a great new haircut; maybe a fresh color job on the roots of your hair. It refreshes your look, which refreshes your perspective. Botox works much the same way, but it costs less and lasts longer. My patients often try Botox out of curiosity, but they keep coming back because they love looking their best, and enjoy the response from friends and loved ones. You’ll be amazed how your confidence and radiance reflect back to you. Everyone loves being greeted by a bright, scowl-free face.

4. Adventurous; but not a tattoo

Maybe you’re in a rut. Maybe you’re not in a rut, but would seriously like to avoid one. Botox is fun to try, and with or without your friends, it feels good to do something new that boosts your look. Botox lasts 3-4 months, so if you want, you can try different quantities and injection sites each time. Not interested in a permanent blue dolphin splashing through a ring of fire with a rose in its mouth, but you’re still a risk-taking badass? Perfect. Try Botox.

5. Botox is realistic for your life and budget!

Seriously, those highlights landed you in the salon for 4 hours. By the time you left, your blood sugar was lower than the moral standards at a Miley Cyrus concert. Botox isn’t that kind of time commitment, and results last much longer. You’re in my office maybe 15 minutes, and you’re done. It can’t wash off, requires no special care, and makes a major positive impact on your appearance. Even the busiest lady has time for Botox, and all of us deserve a boost now and then. A weekend at the spa (of which I often daydream) is fantastic. But Botox is easier to squeeze in between the kids’ activities, in-law visits, committee meetings, and Zumba. Take it from this busy lady: try Botox.

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