(Part 4) Vaser Shape: Two Thighs, One Experience

Vaser Shape Session 2 (of 5)
During my first session of Vaser Shape, I tried to think of words to describe the sensation it created beneath my skin.  I know that my fat cells were experiencing “disruption” as one internet doctor described it, which is how the whole thing works.  It did feel exactly as though cells had been agitated beneath the skin.  The Vaser ray-gun did not quite create a tingling sensation, and not a burn either.  But there was a warm, buzzed feeling throughout my troubling thigh areas.  Take that saddlebags.
I arrived for my second Vaser Shape treatment, expecting a repeat of the first.  How wrong I was!  I mean, the technician was just as enthusiastically friendly, and the procedure was the same, but my body responded very differently.  For starters, the ray-gun felt much hotter on my skin.  They monitored temperature for comfort, and the session went smoothly.  Because I had taken antibiotics that week, and had a swollen lymph node, I really benefitted from the time at the end, with the lymphatic massage. (Ahhhhhh.)
This time, when I got off the table, there had been a visible smoothing.  Both sides were taught, and had no cellulite.  Not since 3rd grade have I seen my thighs without cellulite.  On my right thigh, there was also a change in the shape of my thigh; where there had been a chunky lump (roll?) there was just a smooth gentle contour.  Progress!   They pledged to concentrate more on the left side next week to keep improvements symmetrical.
The warm pink skin after Vaser Shape treatment, is a little puffy at first.  After drinking some water, that puffiness subsides.  A day after that second treatment, I decided to indulge my curiosity, and tried on my skinny jeans.  Incredibly, they fit.  Not in the way I had forced them onto my body in the past, testing their strength, but they fit the way they should.  I used to wear these jeans to be cute for an hour or two, but never for a full busy day.  They were too uncomfortable.  This week, I wore them 3 full days.  Unbelievable.

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