Wardrobe Tips for After Your Augmentation

So.  You recently got breast implants.  Now what are you going to do with them?
If you recently got breast implants, congratulations on your new shape.  I bet you have a dress or a top (or 7) that you are eager to try out to accentuate your form.  But aside from the experimental new necklines and the exhilarating phenomenon of bralessness, you’re going to need new tops for every part of your wardrobe.
Common Mistakes
Don’t go too tight.  Your breast augmentation will make buttons pop and armpits chafe, if you choose tops that are too small.  Only you know what level of attention you’re trying to get with your look, so by all means choose accordingly.  But remember that larger breasts don’t need much emphasis.  They already look good.  Overly tight clothing can pull, crease, show imperfections on your back and look horrifically cheap.  A proper fit will make your bigger breasts, look better.
Don’t hide them.  Bulky sweaters and crossed arms are tempting when your body has changed under the watchful eye of naysayers.  But a little confidence and tasteful tailoring will dispel the judgment, or at least render it irrelevant.  You decided to get an augmentation to look your best; don’t let anyone stop you.
Good Strategies
Accessories!  Nothing expresses the beauty of feminine curves like a necklace that sits in just the right place.  Unless maybe its a set of sparkly shoulder skimming chandelier earrings.  Experiment and don’t forget the skin care on your décolletage.
Good bras aren’t easy to find.  If they were, there wouldn’t be entire stores and departments armed with massive collections for every set.  Accept that what once was comfortable, might not be now. Open your mind to new styles and brands.  It may take a few purchases to get in your new bra groove.  Be patient, this is a good problem to have.
Just one less button, is often all it takes to change a shirt from boxy to feminine.  You can opt for subtlety with fashion, now that your shape needs less camouflage.
Your new overall shape may benefit from the work of a tailor, especially if your proportions are no longer easy to fit in dresses or jackets.  If you’re still not happy with fit, change up your style with pieces that you previously avoided, like halters, strapless, or racer back.  The whole process is rewarding even though it takes a little effort and time … especially when you feel so good about yourself that you are also busy getting that new hairstyle and booking a beach vacation.

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