Judy K.

Dear Lisa,
I just wanted to say thank you; to you, Helen and your staff. I am grateful and honored to have you as my doctor. I have told Helen before that you are like a Saint -helping restore women’s lives that have been devastated by cancer, making them feel whole again. I think God has blessed you with many special gifts. The fact that you are a gifted surgeon is just one of them. The fact that you can take someone who’s confused overwhelmed and feels defeated and within 2-3 minutes of talking to them, you can take them from total despair to feelings of hope, happiness, and knowing everything is going to be okay. You are so caring and genuine; you are truly a gift from God! You have touched and changed so many women’s lives for the good. I don’t know if you know just how special you are. I feel blessed that my life crossed paths with yours in this lifetime. Everyone in your office is a reflection of you, they are so kind, and always make you feel like you matter. All doctor offices should be that way, but unfortunately they’re not. I want to apologize for the meltdowns I had, but I thank God you were there to lift me up and get me back on track! I love you sister girl! Oh, and I love my new boobs! Thanks again for everything! I’m your biggest advocate.
Judy K.

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