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The upper lip is the only central feature in the face that actually falls resulting in an increase in the vertical height of the lip from the base of the nose to the lip border. Dr. Taylor may ask you to bring in photos of yourself at a youthful age to examine the change in the length of the upper lip as you have aged. In youth when the mouth is relaxed the upper teeth are visible. As we age the upper lip skin lengthens and when our lips are parted the upper teeth are usually nowhere to be seen. A lip lift is a very simple and rewarding procedure that has a very feminizing and rejuvenating result.. A lip lift is a surgical procedure where a small segment of skin is removed below the nasal base and leaves a scar hidden at the base of the nose. This surgery is very helpful not only to shorten the upper lip skin but to evert the upper border of the lip and restore the concave shape of the lip segment between the nose and the lip border. The sutures will be hidden under the skin, there will be a few sutures that are visible that will be removed within the first week.

The combination of a lip lip with a micro fat grafting works very well to rejuvenate the mouth area. Additional improvements can be made in the upper lip utilizing resurfacing techniques such as croton oil peel or laser.

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