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When you visit us for the first time we want you to feel confident and assured that your visit will be pleasant. Our staff is dedicated to answering questions and protecting your privacy. Meet our staff, and then give us a call at (405) 751-1321.

Helen Hart Taylor Hello, welcome to our website, my name is Helen Hart Taylor. My career spans over thirty years of medical office management and prior to that a supervisory capacity in insurance. Dr. Lisa Taylor had an opening for me the minute she started practice and it has been a joy and privilege to be on her team. Our staff is together over eight hours a day and we insist on enjoying our career in a pleasant office atmosphere, our home away from home. I am semi-retired and usually in the background. I may not have the privilege of meeting you, however, if your procedure is a medical necessity I will file your insurance and give you as much information as I can to help relieve any anxiety you may have about your financial responsibility to this office. You are welcome to book an appointment and meet Dr. Lisa Taylor and her skilled team!

Denise Hi, I am Denise Taylor Klein. I joined my sisters team shortly after she went into practice; however, I have been working in the medical field over 20 years. Here’s to looking your best and welcome to our website!

Hi, my name is Tina. I coordinate patient related functions at our office. We will meet after your consult with Dr. Taylor and I will give you a quote and help you with any financial questions. When you return for your preoperative visit, I will help you prepare for your procedure. Our goal is to provide a positive, worry-free experience! Welcome to our website!

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Molly Hi, I’m Molly! We may have talked on the phone. I work closely with Dr. Taylor assisting with our preop and postop patients. I have a passion for helping people and look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our office.