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Botox Oklahoma City

Botox cosmetic is an FDA approved nonsurgical procedure that’s smoothes the deep persistent frown lines between your brows, after a 10 min. treatment and a few tiny injections, you will notice improvement in the frown lines within days and results that last up to 4 months. Other dynamic wrinkles are commonly treated as well.  

Glabellar frown lines or the lines many refer to as “11s”, the vertical lines between the eyebrows are the most commonly injected site, in our office.

Other sites, that do well with Botox injections, include horizontal forehead wrinkles, crows feet wrinkles, vertical wrinkles of the upper lip, injection near the jaw line that help decrease the down turning of the corners of the mouth, injections in the side of the nose that decreased bunny lines, and injections into platysmal bands of the neck to decrease their hyperactivity.