Croton Oil Peel

Croton oil peel is our newest addition to our armamentarium of facial procedures. It is a way to resurface the skin in a way I believe superior to CO2 laser resurfacing. It’s purpose is decreasing wrinkles and increasing collagen as well as a elastin, stopping time if you will and reversing it. Improvement in texture, fine wrinkles of the skin is obtainable as well as improvement in pigmentation and pre-cancerous lesions. I believe this procedure is substantially better at improving the stubborn wrinkles around the mouth area than the CO2 laser. The effect is long lasting. Downtime for the entire face is a minimum of 8 to 12 days with prolonged redness needing to be camouflaged with make up. The procedure as of now it is done under general anesthetic. Smaller facial units such as lower lids can be done in the office with less downtime.

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Croton Oil Peel is an acid peel of the face which resurfaces the skin and improves skin texture, fine wrinkles, brown spots and even eliminates pre-cancerous lesions. This acid peel increases collagen and elastin in the skin. Unfortunately after 40 years of age we start losing 1% of our elastin and collagen per year.

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Various concentrations of a Croton Oil are placed on the face with cotton tipped applicators until the frost is of the desired opacity.  The full face procedure is performed under a general anesthetic.

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Patients leave the hospital with a pink tape mask on and a netting that stays on for 24 hours.  The mask is anti-bacterial and soothing.

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Patients return 24 hours after surgery and have the tape mask removed and a green Shrek like mask applied.

Green Clay Mask /Bismuth (aka Shrek Mask)

The bismuth mask is applied to protect the skin during re-epithelialization, and is anti-bacterial and antiviral. It is soothing during the healing process. It is removed approximately 6 days later. The patient will start a regimen of moisturizers, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidants, as well as sunblock in the postoperative course. Patients will have prolonged erythema during the healing phase that will need to be covered with make up. When planning for a Croton oil peel, patients will need to take in consideration being on a daily topical regiment of tretenoin (vitamin a) and hydroquinone for approximately four weeks prior to a full face croton oil peel. This step may be omitted in most cases if we are just treating the Eyelid area.

The effect of Croton oil peel is to injure the skin to a particular level, eliciting an acute inflammatory response that stimulates the deposition of collagen and elastin. The net result is a change in the skin anatomy that improves wrinkles histologically. The skin demonstrates a substantial improvement that is stable for years or even decades. A Croton oil peel along with small lifestyle changes including use of tretenoin, antioxidants moisturizers, sunblock and even Broadband Light Therapy is an effective way to combat aging.

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