Do You Think Thermitite Will Help The Sagging Skin From Child Birth Below My Belly Button? (Photos)

A: I have been practicing plastic surgery for the last 17 years and many women such as you, Ms.Boonie have wanted tightening around their bellybutton and…READ MORE

Does ThermiVa Treat Leaky Bladder Symptoms?

A: Yes ThermiVa treats leaky bladder symptoms. It certainly can improve grade 1 and 2 stress urinary incontinence (SUI), leaking of urine with sneezing,…READ MORE

I Have Non-Identical Breasts. Is It Normal?

A: Sounds like you’re healthy young woman, the shape, size and difference of your breasts have nothing to do with your lifestyle, eating habits, or anything…READ MORE

What Would Be The Best Thing To Get Done First Tummy Tuck Or Brazilian Butt Lift With Fat Transfer ?

A: Congratulations on your nursing program! And good luck! Definitely I would do the Brazilian butt lift first followed by a tummy tuck in approximately three...READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

A: Patients go home the day of surgery, they are asked to wear an ice compress over their eyes, 20 minutes on 20 minutes off until midnight and 20 minutes…READ MORE

Is It Possible To Change My 7mm Chin Implant For A 5mm?

A: Most of your swelling should be gone three months after chin augmentation. However it would be wise to wait three more months to see if there’s….READ MORE

Can Brow Ptosis Be Connected To Eye Problems? (Photo)

A: In my practice of plastic surgery I see significant asymmetric eyebrows frequently. Asymmetries of ones eyebrows are directly related to the shape of your…READ MORE

Being Able To Afford Removing And Replacing Failed Breast Implant.

A: If you’re not ready for surgery to either remove your implants or replace your implants the easiest solution is to deflate your left implant so at least…READ MORE

Can Fat From Another Part Of The Body Be Used To Enlarge A Smaller Breast And Make It Even With The Larger Breast?

A: Fat grafting is a wonderful tool to improve asymmetries of the breast,especially if you don’t want an implant, for the smaller breast. Fat grafting gives…READ MORE


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