“Dear Lisa,I just wanted to say thank you; to you, Helen and your staff. I am grateful and honored to have you as my doctor. I have told Helen before that you are like a Saint -helping restore women’s lives that have been devastated by cancer, making them feel whole again. I think God has blessed you with many special gifts. The fact that you are a gifted surgeon is just one of them. The fact that you can take someone who’s confused overwhelmed and feels defeated and within 2-3 minutes of talking to them, you can take them from total despair to feelings of hope, happiness, and knowing everything is going to be okay. You are so caring and genuine; you are truly a gift from God! You have touched and changed so many women’s lives for the good. I don’t know if you know just how special you are. I feel blessed that my life crossed paths with yours in this lifetime. Everyone in your office is a reflection of you, they are so kind, and always make you feel like you matter. All doctor offices should be that way, but unfortunately they’re not. I want to apologize for the meltdowns I had, but I thank God you were there to lift me up and get me back on track! I love you sister girl! Oh, and I love my new boobs! Thanks again for everything! I’m your biggest advocate.
– Judy K.

“Dr. Taylor is a very nice person, it’s like you’ve known her for a long time when you first meet her. She listens to what results you want from the surgery you are getting, does not talk at you or over you and not making you feel unimportant. For me, she is in the process in fixing, what I call a botched surgery😰 from a so called “plastic surgeon” and she is doing a great job and I couldn’t be more pleased.🤗 She is a kind person and does a very thorough job in helping you understand what is going to happen pre and postop and takes all the time she needs to do her work. I wouldn’t go to ANY other plastic surgeon. I can’t believe that in 3 days post op, even with the swelling you could tell an amazing difference! I sent her pictures to her cell phone to let her know how pleased I was and she called me to let me know the she was happy that I was happy with my early results. Her staff is great too. But Dr. Taylor, is one of a kind! 🌹🌹 “

– Denise B.

“Dr. Taylor did a fantastic job! I am extremely happy with the results. She genuinely cares for her patients. I am impressed with her continued follow up appointments to ensure everything is still good.”– Anonymous

“I’m very happy that I found Dr. Taylor. I was looking for a plastic and her name was given to me. I was so blessed that her name was given to me and I found her. She is wonderful.”– Anonymous

“Wonderful experience! Dr. Taylor and staff are great! Highly recommended!”– Anonymous

“I am very pleased with the face lift and neck surgery I received from Dr. Taylor. I talked to another doctor and to patients of other plastic surgeons. I chose her because Dr. Taylor impressed me with her carefulness as to this surgery. Other doctors will let you stack many procedures on in one surgery, each adding thousands to the cost. Dr. Taylor did two and asked me to wait on others. She did the surgery in a hospital with an overnight stay and had drainage tubes in to carry off fluids. Some doctors do out-patient surgery and don’t use as much drainage. The tubes look ugly but the result is important. She is easy to talk to, and so is her staff. I enjoy my follow-up visits and I will go to Dr. Taylor for future procedures. I have recommended her to friends. I am 70 years old. This surgery has been a boost to my enjoyment of life and helps me deal with aging.”– Anonymous

“Dear Dr. Taylor, Today I’m celebrating 5 years cancer free! As I reflect on my cancer journey; one of the things I’m so thankful for is that someone referred me to you and I ended up receiving your wonderful care and benefiting from your surgical skills! You and your staff have been one of the best things about this whole process and I want to say thanks to all of you!”– Anonymous

“Dr. Taylor, Thank you! I am delighted with your ability. You gave me no outlandish promises, but I think the results are above what I expected. You are a talented surgeon. It was a blessing to choose you. chose the best. You, your lovely family, and your staff made the experience easier. Thank you for turning the clock back twenty years for me. I am thrilled. Thank you for the excellent care
before, during and after surgery.
P.S. Please use the strips or dots over my eyes to conceal my identity. I do want to be in the book so people can see how great you are. You took Frankenstein to Frank and Fine. Ha!”
– Anonymous

“Lisa and staff, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on me. Your kindness and professional attitude were deeply appreciated. I feel so fortunate to have you as my doctor. Many thanks!”– Anonymous

“Dear Dr. Taylor, I just wanted to thank you for doing what I thought was impossible! At 28 years of age, I have learned to accept the way I looked due to breast cancer, it was okay cordially I still was alive and well and was blessed to raise my boys and enjoy the birth of 5 wonderful grandbabies, but truly you have given me back so much to live hidden most of my life from being seen by my husband whom I adore more at 56 years of age. I am amazed I feel normal when I saw myself just 24 hours ago, I was overcome with tears. I don’t think I had known how my breast affected me and my self esteem! Your talent truly is a God given gift! Thank you from my heart!
P.S. Also to your staff, “Wonderful”!”
– Anonymous

“Dr. Taylor, Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. May God bless you always. I’ll never forget you.”– Anonymous

“Dear Lisa,
I am not very good with words, but here are some words thrown together to thank you for everything.
Personal and caring
Wonderful surgeon
Always made me feel important
Always had time to answer all my questions
Great Nurses and Staff
Never rushed me
Always has a smile
Made a 61 year old woman feel great and sexy and doesn’t mind looking in the mirror anymore. Thank you for everything!”
– Anonymous

“Dr. Taylor, Just a note to say “Thank You” for the excellent care of me! You have a way about you that made me feel comfortable and confident and that is so very important! I know your schedule is very busy, but you always seemed to have time for me and not in a rush. I felt you truly cared for me and my well-being! Thank you again and God Bless You! Love and Prayers!”– Anonymous

“Thank you for being the kind of plastic surgeon you are. You made me feel like a friend and someone you really cared for, not just a number. You are a great, caring doctor, and you have made his experience one that I will always remember. Without you I would have not made it. Thank you for getting me through such a scary time in my life.”– Anonymous

“Dr. Taylor,I wanted to say Thank You to you and your staff for being so kind and helping me through this part of my journey. Enjoy the hat, it did come from Affair of The Heart.”– Anonymous

“Lisa, Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me. It means a lot. I trust and believe in you, as you have already proven yourself beyond words. Thanks again.”– Anonymous