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Body Contouring

Body contouring is a medical procedure used to remove cellulite, sagging skin, and fatty tissue. Though a body lift – a procedure contouring several trouble areas – is dramatic, it can be necessary to fully deal with these embarrassing issues. Why does skin sag in the first place?

Dramatic weight loss, the aging process, genetics, and damage from the sun all reduce the skin’s elasticity level. When skin has a lower-than-normal degree of elasticity, it loses its structural integrity and droops. Liposuction cannot fix this problem, because it only removes fat. Thus, body contouring is required.

Curious about the body contouring procedure? The recovery time? The degree of excess skin removal? To get the answers to these questions, talk to Dr. Lisa Taylor. Dr. Taylor is an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon in the Oklahoma City area. Contact our office to arrange a consultation.

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