Ptosis – Oklahoma City Breast Lift Grade III Ptosis


As we age, our skin ceases producing new elastin, a protein that helps the skin stay taut. The elastin we do have left is damaged by things like smoking and sun exposure. This can lead to ptosis, or drooping skin. If you have ptosis of the breasts, a breast lift will help them become perkier and more firm.

Grade III ptosis, also called third degree or advanced ptosis, is the most severe type.

Breasts with this ptosis grade have areolae that extend down past the inframammary crease and point downwards. The nipple is more than three centimeters below the crease. No breast tissue is visible below the areolae. More-extensive types of breast lifts are typically required to remedy grade III ptosis.

Dr. Lisa Taylor, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience, can help you reduce ptosis with a breast lift and make your breasts look younger. To arrange an appointment with Dr. Taylor, contact our office today.

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