(Part 3) Vaser Shape: Two Thighs, One Experience

Vaser Shape Session 1 (of 5)
I met with the technician who would perform the Vaser Shape Procedure.  She let me undress and hop on a table, similar to one you’d find in a massage parlor, but under the kind of blindingly bright lights you’d expect from a surgeon’s office; where viewing and improving the details of every pore, wrinkle and blotch is their stock and trade.  I have, over the years, been on a lot of “procedure” tables, as many women my age have.  Things occasionally need to be dyed, plucked, injected, squeezed, exfoliated, massaged, waxed, or given other medical attention.  In my experience, service practitioners can either make you feel hideously awkward (bare flesh, bright lights) or so comfortable that it’s like spa day with your BFF.
The procedure started with lymphatic massage, assisted by a vacuum apparatus.  It sounds very industrial, but it really just feels like massage.  The purpose of this massage, is to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is integral to the body’s disposal of the lipids she was about to coax out of my fat cells.  After a few minutes of massage at my neck, arm pits, pelvis and knees, it was time to flip over and plainly present my troubling saddlebags to the Vaser Shape machine.
Now beginning on my left side, the technician applied a gel and began the Vaser Shape procedure.  There are two metal plates on the hand-held device, which is attached by a thick cord, to a larger machine with a monitor, on a rolling stand.  I can’t help but see this instrument as a ray-gun. The metal plates heat up (they control the temp to your comfort needs), and warm your skin as they shoot ultrasound waves into your body.  The technician applies pressure much lighter than a massage with the machine and moves it around on the target area for over 30 minutes.  She constantly checked my positioning for comfort and repeated on the other thigh.  At the end of the metal plate (ray-gun) treatment, they repeated the lymphatic massage.
Afterward, my skin was warm and pink, but it didn’t hurt.  I didn’t visibly notice shrunken thighs, but my fat was looser under the skin.  Weird, I know, but it was a noticeable difference, and a good sign that something was definitely going on under there.

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