(Part 4) Vaser Shape: Two Thighs, One Experience

Vaser Shape Session 2 (of 5)   During my first session of Vaser Shape, I tried to think of words to describe the sensation it created beneath my skin.  I know that my fat cells were experiencing “disruption” as one internet doctor described it, which is how the whole thing […]

(Part 3) Vaser Shape: Two Thighs, One Experience

Vaser Shape Session 1 (of 5)   I met with the technician who would perform the Vaser Shape Procedure.  She let me undress and hop on a table, similar to one you’d find in a massage parlor, but under the kind of blindingly bright lights you’d expect from a surgeon’s […]

(Part 2) Vaser Shape: Two Thighs, One Experience

Annette’s Vaser Shape story continues…. Prep Consultation I don’t mean to brag, but I know my way around the internet.  My Googling skills are above average.  So when I started my quest for slimmer thighs, I narrowed my options down pretty quickly.  Liposuction would do the job of reducing my […]

(Part 1) Vaser Shape: Two Thighs, One Experience

The following is by guest blogger Annette.  Follow her story here, to learn more about what Vaser Shape is REALLY like. Introduction Hi.  I’m Annette.  Dr. Taylor asked me to share my journey with you, so please brace yourself.  It’s an epic journey, one that I’ve been on since junior […]

5 Reasons for Botox

1. You are the ideal candidate for Botox! How can I be so sure that Botox is right for you? Because it’s a solid choice for just about everyone. It has been tested, tried and adored the world over, for more than 20 years. If you want to experience a […]

Body Contouring – Body Lift Liposuction – Oklahoma City

For various reasons, the body can undergo some dramatic changes in size and weight. Changing to a healthier lifestyle or undergoing bariatric surgery can result in massive weight loss. Pregnancy and aging can also cause major shifts in the way your body looks and feels. For some people, these changes […]

Scar Revision – Skin Care Rejuvenation – Oklahoma

Whether they are accidental or a result of surgery, scars can make a big impact on our appearance. There isn’t a way to make them disappear, but there are ways to reduce their appearance. Scar revision is a cosmetic procedure that involves laser skin treatment or chemical peels that are […]

Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction – Oklahoma

It is much more common than people think for males to develop relatively large breasts. About half of adolescent boys experience breast development during puberty due to hormonal imbalances and possible metabolic disorders. The condition is known as gynecomastia and can be a source of emotional distress and poor body […]

Body Restoration – Oklahoma City Breast Lift Body Contouring

Body restoration is a combination of procedures that are meant to enhance your overall appearance. The procedure combines a number of lift types, such as a breast and thigh lift, with a tummy tuck. This procedure is tailored to each patient, and there is no one-size-fits-all combination. To determine what […]

Mommy Makeover – Body Restoration – Oklahoma City

Many mothers’ bodies undergo extreme changes during pregnancy. Many times, it is difficult to return to their pre-pregnancy forms in spite of dieting and exercise. Women often experience dramatic changes of the size of their breasts as well as sagging skin around their stomachs. With drastic changes in weight and […]

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